Provider after hours phone line requirements


All Headway providers are required to have an “after hours” phone line available. Our agreement with our insurance partners includes meeting carrier-specific requirements and state regulations.

Providers will need to share a monitored and confidential phone line with all of your clients at the start of sessions.

The phone line voicemail recording requirements include the following language:

  • "A confidential and monitored voicemail"
  • "I will check the voicemail daily on business days and attempt to respond by the end of the next business day"


Confidential voicemail services

Below, you can find some options to set up a confidential voicemail line:

These are just some suggestions. Feel free to use another service as long as it is HIPAA-compliant!

Please note that some platforms require you to sign a BAA with them to guarantee full HIPAA-compliance.

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