BCBS MA virtual network

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The BCBS MA virtual network allows providers outside of Massachusetts to see BCBS MA clients who reside within the state they are credentialed with through Headway. These clients can only be seen virtually.

This means that BCBS MA clients have more options when booking with providers, and providers have the opportunity to expand their reach to new clients. 


How it works

As a provider in the virtual network, you are not officially credentialed with BCBS MA, but can see clients with BCBS MA insurance via telehealth within the state you practice in on Headway.

To hold in-person sessions with BCBS MA clients, please ensure you are credentialed with your local state’s BCBS affiliate. You can review the carriers you’re credentialed with on your Insurance Status page



Here’s who is eligible to join the BCBS MA virtual network:

  • Providers who are live with a Headway state and credentialed with at least one carrier
  • Providers who do not hold an LP/LCAT/addiction license
  • Providers who practice on Headway virtually (in-person + virtual is allowed)
  • Providers who are not already credentialed with Headway in Massachusetts



You can view the rates for BCBS MA virtual sessions on your rates and agreements page.


Holding in-person sessions with these clients

If you would like to see a BCBS MA client in person, you must be credentialed with the local Blue plan. 

For example, a provider in Georgia must be credentialed Anthem BCBS Georgia in order to see BCBS MA clients for in-person sessions.


Joining the virtual network

All eligible providers have automatically been opted in. Beginning August 1st, 2023, all eligible providers will see the BCBS MA virtual network reflected on their Insurance Status page.


Opting out of the virtual network

If you do not wish to participate in the BCBS MA virtual network, you can opt out at any time by visiting your Insurance Status page and clicking the “Opt out” button.



How do I know if I have a client with BCBS MA insurance?

You can view what specific insurance your client has by visiting your client roster.

What if I am already credentialed with my state’s local Blue plan?
You're still eligible to join the BCBS MA virtual network. In these cases, virtual appointments will be paid under BCBS MA virtual rates. In-person sessions will be paid out under the local Blue plan rates.

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