Exporting your Headway calendar


Exporting your Headway calendar

  1. Visit your calendar settings in Sigmund, the provider portal

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, to the section titled "Export Sigmund Calendar"

  3. Click the “Copy” icon to copy your URL



  4. Visit your external calendar

    The following instructions and images are examples from Google Calendar. Steps and instructions may change based on individual calendar functionality.


  5. Within your external calendar, navigate to add an additional calendar


  6. Select add a calendar “from URL”


  7. Paste the URL for your Headway calendar, and click "add calendar" 

  8. Once added, you’ll be able to view your Headway appointments and openings in your external calendars


Client details will not be shown in your external calendar

You'll be able to view the event type and timing in your external calendar, but you'll have to view the event in Simgund to see full details. 



You can review these steps in our video below:


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