Updates to our provider agreement


The changes we’ve made to our provider agreement are minimal, but important to creating the best possible experience for our providers, clients, and payer partners. These updates aim to make it easy to continue meeting compliance standards and offer clearer expectations and guidelines. To ensure transparency, and in alignment with tech and healthcare industry practices, we intend to update our terms of service on a yearly basis.

Confirming sessions within 30 days

Confirming sessions within 30 days is crucial in ensuring we’re charging the client’s up-to-date benefits at the time of the session, avoiding bulk charges when multiple sessions are confirmed at once, and enabling prompt benefit corrections where necessary. It also ensures you’ll be paid in the correct cycle for these sessions.

Confirming during this window:

  • Increases the likelihood of accurate documentation for sessions, ensuring that all relevant details are recorded and an accurate account of the services rendered is provided
  • Makes it possible to file claims in a timely manner
    • Insurance companies typically impose deadlines for claim submission, and adhering to the 30 day confirmation period reduces the risk of claim denials or delays

After 30 days have passed since the session occurred, you will no longer be able to confirm the session. As part of this update, we request that you confirm any existing sessions older than 30 days before agreeing.


Downloading your agreement

Before you agree to the updates, you can download a copy of the updated agreement. At the top of the agreement pop up, click Download full terms to download a PDF.   

After you agree, your Rates and Agreement page will display the new agreement, and you'll have the option to download both the Headway Agreement and Addendum. As a note, for this you'll need to ensure that your popup or ad-blocker is turned off for our website.


Malpractice insurance

Our policy has always been that our contract allows providers to add us as “additional insureds” to their malpractice insurance, but in practice, we don’t do this. The important thing is that providers have the coverage with the limits stated in our contract. We have never enforced a requirement of naming us as an additional insured, and if we were to change our position on this, we would communicate that change to providers.


Taking clients off of Headway when terminating your account

This segment is not new to your provider agreement, and exists to protect the experience of clients who specifically wish to receive care on Headway. Essentially, we are asking that you do not build a caseload via Headway referrals and then migrate that caseload off platform. Clients you bring to Headway are yours, and should you wish to leave our platform, you can of course bring them with you.


How to sign your agreement

In the pop up, when you click the checkbox and then “Accept”, we record your acceptance of the provider agreement on our end and it acts as a binding electronic signature.

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