License renewals


You were credentialed under a specific license when joining Headway, which is the license that is being monitored for expiration.

If that license number, prefix, or suffix:

  • Has changed in any way, please reach out via our contact form to let us know
  • Hasn't changed, please review your license status on your state board website to see if the new expiration date is reflected properly on the website

If you recently submitted a renewal application, please allow a few days for the board to update the expiration date. Once that's done, we'll be able to catch the new expiration date for your license in monitoring.

If your license hasn't changed at all and you believe that you received an accidental email reminder to renew, please reach out via our contact form and we will conduct a manual review.


Renewing your license

Find your state below and expand to find the renewal website for your license type. 


For all license types, visit:

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