Getting client referrals


How client matching works

Provider matching is top priority for us—we know the many roadblocks clients can face when searching for support. With this in mind, we’ve put a few steps in place to make sure finding the right fit is a seamless process for both our clients and providers:

  1. Clients fill out a questionnaire when searching for a provider that includes demographic, age, and location preferences
  2. They can then self-diagnose their presenting problem(s) which we use to match with provider specialties set by the provider

Clients are then shown a list of providers who match their preferences, and they can choose to book a session with any of them. 


Building your caseload with Headway referrals

There are a few ways to build your caseload through Headway:

Set up and share your profile

Your profile (found in the Profile tab of your Sigmund settings) represents you on Headway—clients will see this when booking with you to learn more about your practice and approach. You have a unique URL which will allow clients to see your available time slots and book. Be sure to add your photo, statement, and highlights.

You can share your profile link on your Psychology Today profile or anywhere you're listed to direct more prospective clients to book with you, and be sure advertise which plans you can accept with us.

Add your working hours

Prospective clients will only be able to book with you if you have available working hours on your calendar. Make sure to set your working hours to accurately reflect your availability. 

When you meet a clients entered criteria, they can view your profile before scheduling. You can manage the settings for what types of clients can book with you in the Referrals tab.


Setting up your account to receive referrals

Your Headway profile helps clients learn more about you and your practice before booking. It can be accessed through your direct URL (which you can share anywhere) or through Headway search results.

Here you can update your photo, personal statement/highlights, specialties, education, and demographics. We also have some tips on how to write a successful bio for your profile! Visit the Sigmund settings page and click the Profile tab to edit your profile at any time.


Sharing your Headway booking link

Your Headway profile link is your unique page with unique URL that clients can view to learn more about you and book with you directly.

To copy and share your link: 

  1. Visit your profile settings
  2. Next to your profile URL, click "copy"

Once you copy your profile link, you can paste this anywhere else you would like! Many of our providers update their other online profiles, such as Psychology Today, to include this link. You may also share this link with your colleagues. That way, if they ever need to refer a client they are seeing to you, they can very easily do so.


Next steps after referral

Once you receive a referral: 

  1. In the top right corner of your calendar, click the referral icon (it's a person with a plus sign)—this will show the name, age, and session type of the client, plus any note they included.
  2. From here, you can choose to message the client, switch the session type to a call, or cancel right from this window. To see more details, you can click the event right from your calendar.

We'll notify you anytime you have a new referral.

While you're not required to confirm referrals, we do ask that if you're not able to see the client, you cancel and message them as soon as you're able to.


New client booking experience

When a client is booking with a specific provider, they will be shown time slots within the provider's set availability. They will be able to book a session during any available slot listed.

Booking window

By default, clients aren’t able to book a session within 48 hours to make sure providers have ample notice and time to connect with clients prior to sessions if needed. This setting can be changed in your referral settings tab, under 48 hour referrals.

If you wish to not participate in this urgent referral feature, we ask that you:

  1. Visit your referral settings in Sigmund
  2. Scroll to 48 hour referrals
  3. Toggle this setting off

What booking looks like to clients

Client view of full session openings


Client view of phone consultation openings



Handling a referral who is not a good match

If you meet with a client and believe that you are not best suited to support them based on your expertise or level of acuity, please contact us and we can take it from there.


Referring clients to psychiatric care 

Talk therapists can refer clients to medication management providers easily through Sigmund. Visit the Clinical tab for the client you'd like to refer. Next to Psychiatric Care Referral, click the "Refer" button and proceed from there!


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