Optimizing profile for referrals


We've included some tips below on getting your profile 100% ready to increase your chances of receiving a client referral. You can edit your profile in Sigmund on the Profile Settings page.


Optimizing your profile for a Headway referral

  1. Make sure you’ve uploaded a professional profile picture. Consider the following:

    Clients want to see who you are today—be sure not to add filters.
    Steer clear of blurriness.
    Have your upper body (shoulders up) fill the frame without being cut-off.
    Avoid distracting backgrounds—solo photos are best.
    Take advantage of soft, natural light.
  2. Select as many Focus Areas as applicable as well as any other treatment areas you support in your practice. Clients will see you as a potential match in their search if you met their criteria.

  3. Add your Treatment Approaches. Clients will be able to filter based on the approaches you use in your practice.

  4. Build your bio. Help prospective clients learn about you and your practice by describing your approach, style, and strengths.

  5. Set as many working hours as your schedule allows — the more availability you have, the more likely a client will book with you!


Attracting more clients with the right photo

A provider’s photo plays a large part in a client's decision to book. Here’s what we’ve learned that may help drive up your bookings:

The preview you see in your profile tab is also what clients see, so make sure your picture is not too zoomed in or cut off.
Make sure your picture is clear, well-lit, and has a simple background. Clients find busy backgrounds less appealing.

Clients want to see an eye-level professional shot of you looking your sharpest with a warm, welcoming smile –– selfies should be avoided.


If you don’t have a photo that meets these standards, don’t worry! Here are steps to create a professional photo environment at home:

Make sure your face is well lit (i.e. by a window or outdoors).
Choose a clean space with no distractions behind you (i.e. plain wall, greenery).
Enlist a friend
Ask someone to take your photo at shoulder height instead of taking a selfie.
Look the part
Show your professionalism through your attire and a warm, welcoming smile.

You can upload your new photo directly into your page here. If you want a second opinion, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form with some options and we'll add the best one for you!

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