Headway network quality process


How we maintain the standards of our network

Headway shares our providers’ commitment to delivering consistent, safe, high-quality care. We hold ourselves and our providers to high standards, and take action if we believe such care may be in violation of best practice, deviates from established standards of care, or there is concern for fraud, waste, or abuse. Our Quality Improvement Committee, composed of Headway’s Medical Directors, clinical team leaders, and human resources leaders, meets weekly to review provider behaviors that are reported to Headway and may be at odds with our standards. The Quality Improvement Committee maintains a consistent, standardized, evidence-based process. In the event of a violation, the Committee will intervene and offer the opportunity for the provider  to engage in corrective action - or if necessary (and as a last resort), termination.  In these instances, the provider is informed of the reason(s) for action, and given the opportunity to chat further with our clinical leadership team or appeal the decision.

Avoiding disciplinary action or termination as a provider

If complaints are made against you or behavior is flagged, our team will set up time to have a conversation

Our priority is to partner with you to address complaints and concerns should they arise, and formalize a plan that works for you and your practice. Promptly responding to Headway communications and requests makes this possible.

You can find our expectations and guidelines here.

How clients are handled after a termination or suspension of their provider

Headway has made a commitment to communicating with clients about their accessibility to in-network care. It’s our responsibility to support continuity of care.

In the event of a termination, Headway will notify clients of a terminated provider without detail, explaining that the provider they are seeing or have an appointment booked with is no longer participating in Headway’s network as of X-date. We explain that this means they will no longer be able to see them on the Headway platform.

If they wish to find alternative in-network providers through Headway, our team will support them in doing this. We will inform clients that they should contact their provider directly if they wish to continue care outside of the Headway platform. The decision to continue with the provider is, as always, completely up to the client.

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