Getting started on Headway


Headway’s mission is to increase access to affordable, quality mental health care. To do this, we partner with providers to make it possible for them to treat you through your insurance plan. 

We make it easy for you and your therapist to focus on your care while we handle all the admin and insurance work. Your cost per session is based on your specific mental health benefit within your insurance plan.

If at any point you’re looking for support on your journey, feel free to take a look at our support articles for clients to get answers to your questions.

Ready to get started? See below for information on how to get ready for your first session. 

Before proceeding, have your Headway account ready, or create one now.

Completing your account

Prior to sessions, we ask that clients fully complete their account by entering insurance information, adding a payment method, and acknowledging our standard forms.

When you are logged into your account, you can make sure your account is complete by clicking on your initials in the top right corner and navigating to Account in the dropdown menu.

If you are unable to log into your account, please refer to our article on account access and password issues.


Adding and updating insurance information

While logged in, click on your initials in the top right corner, navigate to Account, and follow the below steps.

To add insurance information for the first time:

  1. Click the Add button, located next to or below the Insurance heading
  2. Enter your information (and double check to make sure everything is entered correctly!)
  3. Our system will automatically verify your benefits 


To update insurance information that's already on file:

  1. Click Remove insurance to remove your current information
  2. Click the “Add” button, located next to or below the Insurance heading
  3. Enter your information (and double check to make sure everything is entered correctly!)

Be sure to add new info as soon as you have it so we can make sure everything goes smoothly.

If your insurance is unverified, or showing as inactive, you can submit a manual verification request


Adding and updating your payment method

While logged in, click on your initials in the top right corner, navigate to Account, and follow the below steps.

If you’re adding a payment method for the first time, click the Add button, located next to or below the Payment heading, and enter your information. 

If you’re updating your payment method and click the remove button, located next to or below the Payment heading. Then, click the add button and enter your updated information. 

You can link your bank account or a card directly here. Please note that if you do add your bank account, you will have to agree to the ACH Authorization.

As a reminder, we do not charge a processing fee for any transactions through Headway. Please do not send your payment information in an email to us—all of our communications are encrypted, but it is still best practice to not have this information in writing.


Completing our standard forms 

All Headway clients must acknowledge standard forms and verify the email address associated with their account; this is to ensure that all Headway clients understand and acknowledge their rights and responsibilities.

To view both the Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices and Assignment of Benefits / Financial Responsibility, visit your Account page and click on View form under where each of them are listed. Once you've read them over, you can agree to them by clicking Agree to form back on your Account page

There are two forms to acknowledge, and you'll need to agree to both in order for your account to be considered complete.


What to do after your account is complete

Once your account is complete, you’ll want to make sure you know when your next session is and message your provider with any questions you have about your upcoming session.

To check when your next session is
  • Navigate to your Account page
  • Click the Appointments tab on the left side of the page
  • Make sure Upcoming is selected 
  • View your sessions
To message your provider
  • Navigate to the messages tab from within your Headway account
  • Select your provider
  • Type your message into the text box
  • Hit send to send your message
  • You'll receive an email once your provider has responded to your message. 


Updating your personal information

Your personal information includes changes to: name, pronouns, email, and phone number.

  1. Visit your Headway account while logged in
  2. Scroll down to Personal Info and select Edit
  3. Once you update the information, click Save


Viewing upcoming and past sessions

You can view all upcoming and past sessions from within your account, via the Appointments tab. 

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