ICD-10 Diagnosis Code Changes


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Diagnostic Codes (ICD-10 Codes) are updated on October 1st of every year. Here, you can find recent updates to ICD-10 coding conventions that may impact you.


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F43.8 is no longer a billable diagnosis code. In the update on October 1st, 2022, the guidelines have removed F43.8 and added two more specific codes for better clarity and ease of choice for providers. These codes are:

  • F43.81 - Prolonged Grief Disorder; Complicated Grief; Complicated Grief Disorder; Persistent complex bereavement disorder and
  • F43.89 - Other reactions to severe stress.


Which codes can I use instead of F43.8?

You can use F43.81 or F43.89 for specificity. Please choose whichever code is most relevant.



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Code Description Changes

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