Unexpected fees and charges


Duplicate or multiple charges in one day

You'll receive an emailed invoice and a charge to the payment method on file when your provider confirms in their Headway calendar that a session was completed.

Before your first session, you’ll see a hold, or pending charge, on your payment method for the estimated cost. Once your provider confirms your session, that hold will be canceled and you'll receive an emailed invoice and charge to the payment method on file.

While we strongly encourage our providers to confirm sessions within 48 hours of the appointment taking place, this doesn't always happen. If you've received multiple charges/invoices on the same day, or it seems that you were charged twice for one session, it's likely because your provider confirmed some of your past sessions in bulk.

The subject line of each emailed invoice will include the corresponding date of service, so you can always check which sessions you're being charged for. Additionally, you can view all past appointments that you've been charged for from within your Headway account.

If you're still seeing duplicate charges, consider the following: 

  • It may take several days for a charge to settle in your bank account, so charge dates may not always perfectly align with the date of your session
  • Banks will occasionally authorize a charge, which sets it to pending, and then capture it, causing another charge, in quick succession. When this happens, a customer may see a pending charge and a second charge for the same amount
    • If this is the case, we suggest contacting your bank for more information
  • All transactions initiated by Headway will have the statement description “Headway;" Any other line items on your bank statement with a different charge description were not initiated by our payment processor
    • If this is the case, we suggest contacting your card issuer directly for more information
  • If you were charged for a session that didn't take place, it may be a cancellation fee

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