Using Psychology Today to grow your practice


Psychology Today is the #1 source for organic client referrals for Headway providers; over 1,000 Headway providers link their Headway booking page to their Psychology Today.

A profile on Psychology Today enables you to showcase your practice to millions of people; there are on average 971,000 unique users on the site each week!

If you are looking for a simple, easy, and quick first step to building your client referral streams, Headway highly suggests creating a Psychology Today profile.


How to create a Psychology Today profile

Psychology Today has a $30/month subscription fee. Completing the setup process should take 10 minutes of your time:

  1. Click the link to go to Psychology Today’s “Sign Up” page.
  2. Click “Join Psychology Today”.
  3. Follow the instructions to build out your profile.

Psychology Today will verify your credentials and reach back out to you once you are live.


Optimizing your Psychology Today for client referrals

  • Write a bio that is relatable: To create connection with prospective patients, reflect your understanding about your ideal prospective client’s needs, struggles, and desired solutions.
  • Detail the insurances you accept: Make sure to list all the insurances you are able to accept via Headway. Mentioning the insurances you do not accept in your bio could help reduce incompatible patient inquiries.
  • Use a professional photo: The very first impression that a potential client will get is from your photo. If your photo is inviting and welcoming, the client is more likely to reach out to you. Choose a portrait photo with high resolution, eye contact with the camera, good lighting, and a full view of your head and shoulders.
  • Include your Headway profile link: Make it easy for clients to book directly with you (vs. emailing or calling you) by connecting your Headway profile link to the “Website” section of your Psychology Today (see our video walkthrough on how to do this).
  • Respond to interested clients quickly: Potential clients are often reaching out to multiple providers on Psychology Today at a time, so responding promptly to client inquiries within a day can lead to higher client conversion.
  • Add a video to your profile: Profiles with videos average 20% more contacts!
  • Include endorsements from other providers: Have other friends & colleagues endorse your profile to improve your credibility with potential clients.

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