Market yourself with social media


What you can do to grow your practice

Now more than ever, clients rely on the internet to find a mental health care provider. To increase the chances of building your caseload quickly, we recommend marketing yourself across multiple platforms.

  • Create a Psychology Today profile. Add your Headway profile link to the “Website” section so that clients can book with you directly from Psychology Today. Watch below!

  • Build an online presence using referral platforms and social media. Review our tips, tricks and templates below for how to make the most of your social media presence.
  • Reach out to colleagues in your area to see if they have any overflow of clients. Practices are often full or may receive inquiries about insurance they don't accept.
  • Review any previous and/or prospective clients to see if they are insured through a plan you accept through Headway. If they do, let them know you’re now able to see them in-network and have openings. We’ve created a template below for you to use to reach out to potential clients.
  • Create a (free!) TherapyDen profile and include a link to your Headway profile for booking.


Marketing yourself using social media and email

Let colleagues know you’re available

Practices are often full or receive inquiries for insurance plans they don't accept. Reach out to your colleagues to let them know who you work with so they can keep you top of mind and send clients your way.

You can share these email templates with your colleagues or clients. Copy and paste the email templates shown here into an email to (1) your colleagues and (2) your clients: Email templates to market your practice.

Grow your social media presence

We’ve created easy to use templates for you to share with your network to help market you and your practice. Social media and email marketing can be instrumental in helping you build your brand and advertise your practice to prospective clients—ultimately, visibility across social media platforms and your network will increase your chances of bringing new clients to your practice. Prospective clients are already looking for care across social media channels.

Go ahead and download the templates below to share on your social media platforms!

  Add hashtags #headway #mentalhealth #therapists #insurance to your caption or post to help boost visbility.


Templates for social media outreach

Find your state’s templates below:

CO Outreach Templates:

FL Outreach Templates:

GA Outreach Templates:

IL Outreach Templates:

MA Outreach Templates:

MI Outreach Templates:

NJ Outreach Templates:

NY Outreach Templates:

NC Outreach Templates:

OH Outreach Templates:

TX Outreach Templates:

VA Outreach Templates:

WA Outreach Templates:

Once you have completed our recommendations in this article, you are one step closer to building and growing your private practice!

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