This article contains information that is helpful for Headway providers. If you are a patient and have questions, check out our support articles for patients!



How does Headway's billing work?

Headway makes accepting insurance easy by handling all of the work and the risk so you can focus on patients, not paperwork.

A few more details:

  • Our contracts with insurance companies ensure we (and therefore, our providers) are paid at set rates based on license type, location, and CPT code.
  • We collect a client's payment at the time of the session based on their insurance benefit. From there, we handle the insurance claim and paperwork and pay you via direct deposit.
  • Your payout will come from Headway, not the insurance company.
    • There are responsibilities and standards of operation Headway providers must meet in order to avoid any instance where we may need to recoup payment. For more information, please review our provider responsibility policy.


How does Headway bill my clients?

Headway will automatically charge clients the amount owed when you confirm a session. Because our system reads insurance benefits in real time, we're able to do this at the time of service instead of waiting for insurance to process a claim.

After a session, you'll need to confirm the details (CPT code, Diagnosis code, location) so we have the info we need to correctly bill and submit to insurance. You'll receive payment on the 15th and last day of each month.


How does Headway determine what my client owes?

Your client's cost per session is based on their behavioral health benefit within their specific insurance plan. We check what their plan details are before each charge to make sure the info is up to date.

If your client has any questions about what their session will cost, you can direct them to our Help Center article regarding client fees and responsibility.


I’ve held my first session—now what?

After the session, you'll need to confirm the details in your calendar so we can submit the claim, bill the client, and process your payout.

That's it! We'll take care of collecting payment from your client and submitting the claim, and make sure you're paid on 15th and last day of every month. Make sure you've linked your bank account here for direct deposit.

To confirm a session, your patient must have valid insurance and payment on file. If not, you'll see a message like the one below with more detail:


You can manage these details for the client on your Patients tab, or you can remind them to add it on their end in their Account.


When should I bill my clients?

It's a provider's responsibility to ensure that you schedule sessions before you meet with your client and confirm details in a timely manner.

This ensures that our system is able to confirm the client's benefits and eligibility—if we don't have the chance to, it could turn out that the client isn't covered.

In addition, claims may be denied if a session is submitted too late. This can also lead to a client being charged on a date that they didn't expect, which isn't a great experience for them as they may be surprised and unprepared to make this payment.

For more information on timely billing and more important Headway guidelines, we recommend reviewing our provider responsibility policy in full.


Do I have to send an invoice to my client?

Headway takes care of all of the payments and invoicing on our end. If your client is requesting an invoice (or a superbill), you can direct them to download them from their account.

Feel free to send your client directions on how to do this in our article on client fees and responsibilities.


Why was my client's payment information removed from their account?

If a client's payment method is unsuccessful after a few tries, we’ll remove it from our system automatically. We’ll let you know via email if there’s an issue with payment after the first try so you can take a look.

We always let clients know via email if there’s an issue with payment after the first try so they're able to take a look at their account. If a clients payment method does get removed, they'll need to check that their payment method is valid and that there are sufficient funds. If so, they can the card back to their account and they'll be all set.

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